Jonny Wilkinson has Influence

Behind many great men are motivational forces that come into play. For instance, the head coach of Toulon, the French giant’s team, revealed that his decision to join this team was partly because Jonny Wilkinson convinced him to do the same. As a result of his decision Mike Ford has joined the team as the back coach for the French giant’s team in Toulon.

The new decision comes on as Ford has been on the lookout for a new assignment. He was sacked by Bath about four months back as the last year campaign turned out to be disappointing for this team. Continue reading

Jonny Wilkinson Finds Balance In Life

Jonny Wilkinson is a former star of English rugby; he states that, after retirement, he has found balance which has made his life healthier and happier. He states that previously his life had been miserable when he was trying to be perfect. After he retired from playing rugby at the international level this star of the former England rugby team, states that, he has sought ways to find a balance in his life to be healthy and happy at the same time.

He states that he used to put pressure on himself to be perfect which often made him miserable. His career has been an incredible one as a fly half at international levels. As his active playing days are behind him, he states that he was only relaxed and happy when he was playing a match. Jonny is widely acknowledged as a rugby union player with the finest skills. He started playing for his country at the age of 18. Continue reading

Wilkinson Is Happy And Healthy Now

The former England rugby player, Jonny Wilkinson, says that he is enjoying his retired life and he could not have been healthier and happier in his life than what he is currently experiencing. Wilkinson admits that he was having a torrid time looking to be the perfect player during his rugby days and it made his life miserable.

Jonny had an impressive international rugby career as a fly half for the English team. He admits that the only time he felt very happy and satisfied in his playing days was when he showed up for a match. He admits that he had put a lot of pressure on himself to prove to the world that he was the best.

Jonny started to play for his country at the age of 18 and gained a legend and star status in 2003. He scored a last minute drop goal in the Rugby World Cup final against the famous Australian team in Sydney and he became an overnight rugby star. He gained a lot of fan following and respect from players and spectators through his meticulous game focus and planning. Continue reading