November 29 saw Richie McCaw and the police in a combined effort to give a belated birthday treat to an eleven year old girl displaced by the Nov. 14th earthquake.

Stevie Dineen, the 11 year old girl, was at the Christchurch helicopters and had no idea why she had been brought there.

However, a familiar face soon rounded the corner, thus lighting her face up.

“It’s Richie McCaw,” Jack, her 9-year-old brother said as he clapped his hands together.

The family had left their home in Hapuku, north of Kaikoura in order to escape the earthquake, and were unable to celebrate her birthday on November 25.

Penny Rusbatch, Police Senior Constable had earlier in the week visited the family while she was helping out during the Nov. 14 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

Stevie’s brother, Jack, had told Rusbatch that his sister was supposed to have celebrated her birthday on Nov. 25th and she was touched.

Stevie’s mother, Lisa had said they would have to postpone her birthday celebrations until later, considering all that was going on.

Rusbatch asked Stevie what she wanted and the little girl replied that she would love a ride in a helicopter.

And although the police officer did not declare her intentions to the family, she decided to try her luck in arranging with McCaw for a helicopter ride.

McCaw and his team were only too happy to join in the party.

And after the 20 minute flight that Tuesday from the Christchurch helicopters, McCaw had said,

“I’ve got to say it’s quite satisfying giving people a thrill like that.”

Stevie and her family was staying with another family at Christchurch, waiting for the Inland Rd to open again so that they could rejoin their Dad who had opted to remain in Kaikoura.