No one knows better than rugby stars like Richie McCaw about the tackles in rugby and how that can be gruesome and lead to fatal injuries to the players.

Hence it should come as no surprise that Richie backs high tackle rules. Having handled the captainship position of All Blacks, Richie McCaw feels that he is fortunate to have not suffered from any head problems that could have had long term consequences for his health. As a result high tackles and rules coming in to wipe them out in rugby is backed by Richie. However, not every player is lucky and many have suffered deadly consequences due to head tackle moves.

Richie is one of the most decorated and capped players in international rugby. He is currently enjoying his retired life and shares his views on how the game evolves and the directions that it should take. Even if roughness are inherent in rugby, but limiting head contact is a sensible move by World Rugby as felt by many experts including Richie.

He feels that it would help to change strategies on how to tackle without focusing on the head. This will help ensure that players are able to protect their heads more in the game. Many however feel that the game’s inherent nature would be tampered with if head tackles are limited. But that is more hype and the reality is to bring in some safety rules that limit harmful actions.

Though concussions are part of the game as it is a physical one, McCaw feels that the changes in rules will help limit more serious head injuries. He himself suffered about six concussions, but did not have any long term damage. However, there are many instances of players who have been kept off the field for many months for head injuries as well as some who have been maimed for life.