he did not play at his best on the tour but there were signs of his strength in contact and his speed chasing down kicks. He will improve in the England shirt and now his big brother has left leicester he will (I am sure) step up a gear at home too.

they say england doesn’t have a legit left winger,
and tuilagi’s weakness is offloading the ball and distributing….
put him on the left wing!
you tell me he doesn’t have enough pace to play there, I saw this guy tackle habana in acceleration mode on the sa tour

So basically when a Pacific Islander wants to play for one of the ‘home nations’ it’s fine, yet when they want to play for New Zealand (which has more Pacific Islanders than the Islands themselves) it’s called poaching?

One eyed English pricks.

This guy is still old enough to play COLTS (U/21s) ! wouldnt even bother running or tackling this guy after watching this lol lol lol lol

yeah i saw his interview a couple of days ago made me laugh his english is still broken but nah hes the man

Manu has always said he would want to play for England. He has played all his rugby here and come through the age groups like any other player with his talents would. I am sure Samoa would love to have him playing for them but that is not what Manu wants and thankfully we have a chance to see him play at the highest level this weekend.

Henry Tuilagi, Alesana Tuilagi, (can’t remember other brother) Tuilagi, have all played for Manu Samoa, in fact Henry and Alesana will be there at the RWC, it’s a pity the younger brother is following the cash trail rather than playing for his country with half his family on the field. Especially as Samoa will probably do what Fiji did at the last Cup and beat Wales to make the quarter finals.

Manu has a slight accent from what I have heard. He has been here (in UK) for some time now. I agree shame on him for the punch(es) but he is still young – he will learn from this I am sure.

anyone know if manu talks like an englishman or with a polynesian accent? just curious because im samoan too.. oh shame on manu for punching ashton etc etc.. lolz

I know they are Polynesian, but Manu qualifies to play for England, and is tipped to do so. Alesana plays for Samoa, but Manu has played virtually all his rugby here in England, and has played for the Saxons already. Manu will play for England at some stage.

The Tuilagi brothers are human bulldozers. I cant wait to see Manu slotted into the England side. He could go on to cause the same excitement Robinson used to generate on the ball, albeit in a sleightly different way. He would bolster our attacking options very well, something which I think at international level we are still lacking despite Ashton and Foden. The more outright threats to the goal line the better. Tuilagi/Foden/Ashton and Banahan in the same team could be tantalising.

so having played for the saxons, our next senior national side, he is now ineligible to play for anyone other than england

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