Behind many great men are motivational forces that come into play. For instance, the head coach of Toulon, the French giant’s team, revealed that his decision to join this team was partly because Jonny Wilkinson convinced him to do the same. As a result of his decision Mike Ford has joined the team as the back coach for the French giant’s team in Toulon.

The new decision comes on as Ford has been on the lookout for a new assignment. He was sacked by Bath about four months back as the last year campaign turned out to be disappointing for this team.

This assignment will surely turn out to be challenging as well as rewarding for Mike. There are several star players on this team such as Matt Giteau and Ma’a Nonu who would surely make it rewarding for Mike to work with them. Mike revealed to the media recently as to how Jonny helped him to be convinced to join the club that is bigger in Europe. Ford stated that he has had several conversations with the legendary player in England and it was this that convinced him to join up in an assistant position in the Top 14 team.

Wilkinson also has considerable experience in coaching squads. Hence he has been able to convince Ford of taking up this opportunity. Toulon is one of the best clubs in Europe and hence, it would certainly be a great opportunity as Mike feels. Ford has signed to a contract for a year with the team. He would be reporting to Diego Dominguez, who is the head coach for the team. Ford has led Bath for the finals in 2015 of Aviva Premiership finals. It is definitely a win situation for him, especially after being asked to leave the Bath team as the last season proved to be disappointing.